The site is for home build high efficient PMG Generators.

This site is for all the DIY people who are searching for alternative sources of energy.
For those who wants to create there own energy by building a horizontal or vertical windmill / turbine or a water turbine to generate electricity for their home.

Hello I am Brian,
I would like to show you how to build your own highly efficient generators.
You can build them in one day easely and in a economical way.
We build them highly efficient and they will run for years!

The most expensive part of the generator is the permanent magnet (PMG).
They generate a lot of power at low rpm and using low torque.
This is what, you need for your horizontal or vertical wind turbine.
a lot of amps and high voltage at low rpm.

You can now build DIY-Generators within a day!
They're cheap and easy to make!
The generators we build are highly efficient.
We use 100% of the magnetic energy from the magnets.
The generators we build will run for years to come!
We don't use any iron to boost the coils! This will only give a lot of torque and that is something you don't want for your windmill.


The DVD Energy-Creator "The Movie DIY-GENERRATORS" gives you the knowledge to create any generator you desire.
In the Movie on the DVD we show you how to make these generator by clear and easy to follow movie files and documentation.
We give all the sizes in cm and inch when we build the generators.

Buy the DVD for the low introduction prize of $ 35,- Now!
Or go to the official site for more information.



In this movie we show you how to build:

- Single phase generators

- 3 phase generators

- Highly efficient 3 phase generators

- Water cooled generators

- Micro generators- Cheap blades

- Belt drive transmission wheels


Brian Energy Creator

- Drive belts

Buy the DVD The DVD

Buy the download Direct download ( 1.9 Gig file )Fast connection required!